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  • What is Telepsychology?
    Provision of psychological services using telecommunication technologies. These include but are not limited to telephone, mobile devices, interactive videoconferencing, email, chat, text, and Internet (e.g., self-help, websites, blogs, and social media). (, 2013). Online therapy has been around for some time, and has been shown to be as effective as face to face therapy. It also has the added bonus of convenience for the client who does not have to travel to see me, while also getting the service in the comfort of their own private locations. I do video calls using specific online platforms to ensure that our sessions are truly private and secure.
  • What do I need for Telepsychology?
    You will need a private space whenever we go online, a good internet connection and a gadget (laptop or tablet) that has video call capabilities. If your internet connection is poor or spotty, this compromises the integrity of our calls and you may not get the full benefit from sessions. While sessions can also be conducted via phonecall, this is more often done as a last resort rather than a primary means of connection during sessions.
  • Do you do in-person services?
    For the moment, all my services are 100% online.
  • What can I expect from therapy?
    Therapy is not a cure-all. For sure, it is hard work. It entails rolling up your sleeve and working it out with me. However, I promise that I will be there as you figure things out. My hope for you or your child is that by coming to me, you or your child will gain or regain your footing, be stable enough to gain some clarity on your situation, and look forward to new challenges in your lives. I expect that when you have a full sense that you got what you needed from therapy, you can tell me “I / we can take it from here” and I will just be there to offer support or assistance as you need it.
  • How many sessions does it take?
    That depends on many factors like the reason for referral to me, the length of time that the problem / concern has been around, the kind of changes or improvements you want to see. I usually discuss with you the estimated number of sessions as well as the frequency of meetings after I get a full idea of the concern on the intake interview session. I typically hold a minimum of 8 sessions.
  • I was just referred to you, but I am not sure if we are a fit. What's your process for situations like these?"
    You can send me a message below and I will get back to you within 48 hours. You can state your concerns succinctly on the message or you may request for a brief chat. If you prefer the brief chat, know that this will be a 15-minute conversation only. It is not going to be a therapy session and I will not give advise on your situation or concern. The only advise I may give is to reiterate the process of consultation with me, OR to refer you to another professional if we deem that that is the more appropriate route to go. I will want to know: 1) How you found out about me or who referred you 2) What your specific concerns are. Usual reasons that people say include wanting to understand themselves or a loved one better, how to handle their situation better, or managing a major transition in their lives. I will not get a full background of your story yet. The chat or conversation just lets us know if indeed we are a good fit.
  • Do you see people from other countries for these services?
    My license only allows me to practice within the Republic of the Philippines. If you are a client that I saw here in the country and you are currently located in another part of the world either temporarily or permanently, I am not licensed to provide Psychological services in your location.
  • Do you appear in court?
    No. All information I gather is privileged information. My goal for seeing you or your child is for personal growth and stability. If you foresee that you will need the services of a Psychologist who will need to testify in your behalf (or your child's behalf) in court, please contact the Psychological Association of the Philippines for information on Psychologists who have the capability to appear in court.
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