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Coming to see a Psychologist is a big step. How could you talk about your deepest problems with a stranger, when doing so is difficult even with people closest to you? On the outside, you are confident; but on the inside, you are struggling to figure your life out.

You may feel alone and lost. You may be stuck in a relationship. Things that used to have meaning for you no longer bring you joy. You just can’t seem to take that last step that will finally make your goal a reality.

Do any of these things sound like you?


You've come to the right place. People usually come to see me to help gain clarity on issues they are facing and to find ways to solve their concerns. They also want to explore other possibilities they they might not have considered for themselves.

I offer you a private space to talk to me online. You can expect professionalism from me, as I apply my knowledge and experience gleaned from twenty years of doing psychotherapy. But more than this, you can expect warmth and candidness.


I intend to work with you so you can get a little more fired up, a little more excited about being you.

*if you are below 18 years old, you will need parental consent to avail of my services

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