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To parents: If you are coming here for getting help with your child’s concerns, perhaps you were referred by their doctor, teacher or a co-parent, please read this with them. I strongly believe in a child’s right to participation and consent. This is my way of making sure that your child knows why they are coming and what I am about.

It is not easy being a kid anymore.

You have schoolwork, chores, friends, extra-curricular activities, relationship with parents, brothers and sisters.


Sometimes you feel there is something wrong but you don't know what it is.

There's lots of big, jumbled up feelings you can't talk about. You notice yourself getting mad easily or feeling afraid even when you shouldn't be.

People around you wonder "what happened?” But you can’t tell them either. You wonder the same thing too.

Family Trip
Sad Girl

That’s where I come in. I work with you. How? We play. and Yep! Online. 

Playing with Matches
Robot playing with toy

I do a special kind of therapy with young people called Play Therapy. I make sure you feel safe so that we can sort out questions and stuff that bug you even just a bit like: 

“Why am I not speaking in school?”

“I want to have friends but they don't like me.”

Contemplating by the Window

“I want to feel better and not worried or mad or scared or sad all the time.”

I can’t give you the answer because different things work for different people. But I will be right there to figure this out with you.

Coming to see me is not a one-time-thing though. 

You will probably come back to see me for a couple of sessions. Many times, I will talk to your mom, dad, or any other adult who is your guardian. I may also talk to your teachers if needed. 

I do this so that we can all work together to help you feel like your old self again.


When you come to see me, you can ask me as many questions as you like.

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