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  1. For Psychotherapy or Play therapy, go to the respective pages on Home and click on the appropriate booking button at the bottom of the page. Please follow the instructions you will be receiving from there regarding payment details.

  2. For supervision or a single session consultation, send me a message in the contact form of the respective pages of these services. You can find them on Home. I will get in touch with you for details. 

  3. I reserve slots for 24 hours from booking. To prevent cancellation of your reserved slot, please follow the instructions on your email. Otherwise, your slot will be given to someone else after 24 hours. 

  4. I will then immediately get back to you through email prior to our appointment date, for forms and the link to my virtual office. 

  5. Please return all the required forms to me prior to our appointment date. This is a non-negotiable. 

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